Tokenist Partners with IG US to Strengthen Forex Market Coverage

The Tokenist, a frontline financial education portal tracking both traditional and emerging decentralized finance, has entered into a strategic partnership with IG US. With access to over 80 currency pairs, The Tokenist will more easily inform its growing audience on the developing opportunities presented by all aspects of the global economy.

The partnership with IG allows The Tokenist to leverage its premier service to provide leading educational insights on forex trading. Based on tight margins, it is a financial arena fraught with risk for those who enter it unprepared. Having already gained the perfect rating from NewsGuard, The Tokenist demonstrated it has what it takes to arm new forex traders with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Representing a major milestone for The Tokenist, its co-founder, Tim Fries, clarified what the partnership with IG means for the platform’s roadmap:

“Our partnership with IG US demonstrates our commitment to all aspects of financial education. Currencies represent the most commonly traded asset in the world, with nearly $6 trillion exchanged each day. IG Group is a distinguished leader in the forex market, and we plan to leverage this partnership to bring the best information available to our growing readership.”

The Tokenist made it its mission to eliminate the barriers of entry into all aspects of finance—from mortgage lending, improving credit scores, to stocks, options, forex, Bitcoin, and synthetic stocks. Its education and investing sections are constantly being updated to streamline the entry process into all relevant markets.

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