Leads Disruption in Hyperlocal Food Deliveries

The Covid-19 pandemic changed many things, and among them, it impacted how people ate lunches and dinners. With lockdowns impacting dine-in restaurants, food delivery platforms, DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Postmates, grew tremendously. led the charge in optimizing the fulfillment portion of the food delivery platforms.

“Covid changed everything – and one of the fundamental shifts was in how we all ate. Food delivery services have been around for a while, but Covid-19 hastened the pace of innovation,” stated Jean Gabriel, CEO of Consumers, with a plethora of food options, have flocked towards app-based platforms to order food.’s systems assist restaurants in receiving orders from multiple apps with a single, easy to user interface called ODDS – On-Demand Delivery System. “ODDs truly makes the lives of the restaurant staff much easier with a single touchpoint for food orders and deliveries. Restaurants can manage the chaos of multiple apps and multiple deliveries,” added Jean Gabriel, CEO, is forging ahead with innovations to keep its lead in the food delivery fulfillment space. “The company is investing heavily in building out its platform, with the latest innovations being the introduction of the BUY token and associated wallets,” says Raghu Bala, CEO of NetObjex, a technology partner to “The Covid era has also been the time for the re-emergence of blockchain. Pertinent information is stocked on blockchain, supported oracles that connect to enterprise systems,” added Mr. Bala.

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