First Novel Released On Blockchain NFT Art Market

 International best-selling author N.E. Carlisle and Cyberartist Lori Hammond (LOLA) collaborate to create the first novel on the NFT Art Market Blockchain; “Mermaid Eclipse,” book. 

Inside the NFT is the complete manuscript and signed copy of the full original artwork.

The book is described as a “wonderful adventure for teenagers and young adults about a family curse, mermaids, and the lore of the sea.”  Twins Muriel and Morgan adventure through the Pacific Northwest to unravel a family curse.

The second book in the “Mermaid Eclipse” three book series, “Blue Moon Mermaid” will be published first as an NFT (an ERC271) in Dec. 2021 before being released worldwide. While the majority of content on the NFT art market is often described as dark and dystopian content, Mermaid Eclipse is a refreshing shift into happier, more kid-friendly content. 

The cover artist LOLA is an experienced, multi-talented artist designer with an extensive background in the arts and entertainment industry.

About the Author
N. E. Carlisle is an International Best-Selling author who lives by the coast and loves everything about the ocean, especially its lore. She has written several non-fiction books, but Mermaid Eclipse is her debut novel.

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