Trustology Offers Compliance Webhooks for Bitcoin and Ethereum Transactions

Leading crypto custodian wallet provider, Trustology, who has recently been granted temporary FCA registration, has today announced its institutional Compliance Webhooks for Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions. Inbound and outbound transaction webhook payloads now include transaction risk rating and counterparty cluster information e.g. gambling, mixers, terrorist financing, etc. This allows for its current client base of crypto funds, brokers and exchanges to leverage their custodial wallet infrastructure for monitoring of direct transactional exposure risk instead of having to manually perform pre-flight checks, saving them time, cost and effort. 

Crypto markets are still full of complexities and risks that do not stop at volatile prices or emerging assets and protocols. Chief among them is compliance risk. Trustology’s new Compliance Webhooks provide regulated institutions with the ability to restrict transactions to certain types of counterparties, without having to build the necessary infrastructure themselves. This reduces risk and cost to institutions wishing to enter or already participating in crypto markets. The new solution by Trustology shows that crypto custody solutions are advancing at an accelerated rate to both meet client needs as well as ensure they are helping to evolve the ecosystem to an acceptable fiduciary and regulatory standard. 

At the present pace of development in crypto markets and DeFi, from liquidity harvesting opportunities in DeFi to NFTs, Trustology has always been a step ahead in safeguarding assets and managing transactions across blockchains, exchanges and in DeFi. 

“Excellence in overcoming inherent risks and complexities of cryptoasset safeguarding and administration is becoming a key selection criterion for clients choosing institutional investors and service providers. And in order to realise this vision, institutional investors, service providers, token issuers and corporates will depend on custodial wallet providers like Trustology to help them manage these risks and complexities in a safer, faster and easier way,” says Batlin. 

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