UniCask announces a commercial collaboration with Taraxa to leverage its Helio platform to secure sensor data from wine casks.

 UniCask is a joint venture formed by Japan Import Systems, one of the largest spirits trading companies in Japan, announced today that they’ve signed a commercial collaboration with Taraxa to help build confidence in their spirits ownership tracking solution, scheduled to launch in spring of 2021.

UniCask was founded to make tracking rare and collectible spirits simple and secure, enabled by blockchain technology. Since the actual spirits are remotely stored in professional facilities, Unicask wanted to ensure that owners have the highest confidence in the location and status of their assets. With Helio’s platform, UniCask gives each cask a unique, tamper-proof identity and cryptographically guarantees the sensor data’s provenance and immutability, helping to assure owners that their casks are safe and secure.

Taraxa’s platform is a game-changer for UniCask, never before has owned shares of rare collectible spirits been so secure and traceable, making trading truly frictionless’, said Koji Kitahara, project representative of UniCask.

‘We’re thrilled to be working with an industry pioneer such as UniCask. Taraxa’s Helio platform was built to help build confidence on machine-generated data, and we can’t ask for a more perfect use case’, said Steven Pu, co-founder and CEO of Taraxa.
Learn more about the collaboration on Unicask’s website.

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