Launches Peer-to-Peer Trading of Spot Bitcoin With Zero Trading and Network Fees, the innovative derivatives exchange, today announces the launch of a peer-to-peer (P2P) trading feature on its platform with the purpose of empowering users to buy and sell cryptocurrency from one another, making trading easier than ever before.

By facilitating secure direct fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat trades between users and merchants, the P2P marketplace advances crypto adoption globally. With a crypto escrow service, guarantees safe and timely delivery of crypto assets in every trade. However, the most revolutionary aspect of the feature is its market-first initiative to compensate all users’ Bitcoin blockchain network fees on both cryptocurrencies and securitized derivative contracts. relies on convenience to drive users. For the first time in Bitcoin history, any user that deposits the supported cryptocurrencies for trading to will receive the full amount to the designated address, irrespective of the deposit amount. The platform is committed to maintaining zero trading fees on spot cryptocurrencies, as well as adding a dedicated calculator page that allows users to visualize their savings.

Adding to the platform’s P2P value, is also launching giveaways and a designated affiliate program. Anyone that shares the platform’s link and gets more users to engage with the marketplace will receive up to 10% bonuses of the referred customers’ trading volume. Added to that, users and merchants can also post ads with their own offer on the platform, 24/7.

In addition to zero trading fees and premium services, users are able to hedge their price risks and magnify cryptocurrency returns through the use of an innovative financial derivative – Tranched Value Security (TVS), available exclusively on Currently, has over 2,000 registered users that are making a total of approximately $40,000 dollars in transactions.

“For many of the first-time traders, as well as experienced cryptocurrency investors, transaction fees are a common concern, especially given the long-term effect they have on individuals’ returns. With the support of private investors and the founding team, we are committed to eliminating this barrier for everyone,” says Nikolay Zvezdin, Founder and CEO of Alter Securities, which operates the

“Currently, we support trading of spot and securitized Bitcoin assets. However, throughout 2021, we will be adding other major digital assets (Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, and more), and this initiative will be covering the other assets as well.”

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