Intema Solutions acquires Advertiise Technology for integration into its Esports ecosystem

 Intema Solutions  announced that it has signed an L.O.I. to acquire 100% of Advertiise Technologies, a private corporation with global operations (25,000 users in 40 countries).

Intema is an emerging Esports and iGaming company, developing an integrated platform in the fastest growing subsector of the digital entertainment space.

Advertiise Technologies specialises in peer-to-peer advertising marketplace development using blockchain and AI technologies to connect media buyers and media suppliers across all advertising channels without the need for an intermediary.

It allows media sellers to list, price and promote real-time inventory of media assets.

“Advertiise has been ranked #1 in Google SEO for 3 years in a row,” stated Laurent Benezra, President and CEO of Intema, “With over 135 million daily advertising impressions and growing, we strongly believe that this acquisition is fulfilling our commitment of creating an unparalleled digital experience.”

“We are creating an ecosystem that will allow us to attract, engage and retain advertisers, affiliates, publishers, players and casual gamers,” added Benezra.

This platform is expected to compliment Intema’s business objectives in the rapidly expanding Esports industry.

“The global Esports market was valued at USD $1.1 billion in 2019,” states Grand View Research, “and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 24.4% to reach USD $6.8 billion in 2027.

Industry growth drivers include increasing popularity of video games, rising awareness of Esports and increasing mobile usage in emerging countries.

For the year ended March 31, 2020 Advertiise’s predecessor reported modest revenues of USD $110,000 and net profits of USD $46,000. The company has total assets of USD $263,000, and total liabilities of USD $380,000.

“We intend to keep pushing and continue scaling revenues and customer acquisition in 2021 with a dedicated focus on digital media assets within the Esports media category,” stated Mark Vella, CEO of Advertiise.

Q1, 2021 has been busy acquisition season for Intema.

On February 9, 2021 ITM announced that it has acquired 100% of for a cash payment of $75,000 and 1,625,000 common shares of Intema.

“We are pleased to have closed our first Esports acquisition,” stated Benezra, “and we will pursue our strategy of diversifying our business into this new vertical for Intema”.

Intema is entering the Esports industry through acquisitions that compliment its existing technology.

The retail side is an Esports tournament and social platform.

The commercial side HypeX is a next-gen advertising platform specializing in endemic & non-endemic advertising opportunities.

HypeX has refined Esports demand into three major categories of individuals: Athletes, Audience members and Content creators.

HypeX is able to increase the efficiency of an advertising budget.

With 50,000 users, HypeX has run tournaments & established partnerships with over 20 different brands & organizations internationally.

“People like to compete,” Benezra reminded Equity Guru’s Jody Vance, “Esports lets you compete with no borders. You can go on-line, compete with a person in China or Japan or next door.”

The global online gambling (iGaming) market size is expected to reach USD $102.97 billion by 2025, according to a report by Grand View Research.

“Viewership for the 2019 Esports League of Legends tournament was about 100 million people,” stated Global Stocks News CEO Guy Bennett, “It was broadcast in 16 languages and across 20 platforms”.

“By contrast, the 2020 NBA final was available exclusively on ABC, and was watched by 7.5 million people,” added Bennett.

“We strongly believe that eSports wagering will be an important part of Intema’s future,” concluded Benezra.

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