Ushering a New Age of Creativity and Empowerment for Artists – TRiCERA Announces Partnership With Curvegrid and Zora

Authenticity and authorship is becoming increasingly important as digital art and NFTs gain momentum. TRiCERA adds weight to the provenance of NFT art, and provides additional assurance to digital artists and collectors, working with creators to ensure the reliability of transactions. TRiCERA will address these issues in an escrow role to ensure the safety of transactions between NFT digital artists and users.

Bringing users and artists the newest art experience on the market, NFT transaction functionality is a crucial service for artists who want to sell their digital art works with proof of uniqueness. The transaction system of digital artworks by NFT is a service that can provide a new livelihood for artists who want to prove the uniqueness of their digital artworks and sell them. More than 100 digital artists are partnering with TRiCERA’s NFT transaction system, which enables users to buy digital art with Ether (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, after Bitcoin.

Artists who upload NFT art in TRiCERA ART will gain tokens issued by TRiCERA. TRiCERA will be the intermediary between the artist and the user, ensuring the artwork authenticity and ensuring both parties can deal with each other with confidence.

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