Eight-Year-Old Stop-Motion Artist Launches Carbon-Neutral NFT Series And Donates Over $1,000 To Charity

Eight year old stop-motion artist and Rocket Club member Annabelle White has entered the non-fungible token world, launching her debut carbon neutral, NFT series and donating over $1,000.00 in the process. White, who is well known for her successful business Stop & Love, has honed her craft as a stop motion artist and gone on to create personalized greeting cards and advertisements for top brands including Bobbi Brown, Gooselings Scandinavian Luxury Blankets, and Startup Squad to name a few.  

A young rising star in the art world, White was featured earlier this year on Good Morning America alongside Rocket Club, a tech entrepreneurship club for kids ages 7-14, where she is an active member and has sharpened her business & STEM skills.  Members at Rocket Club learn how to build their own businesses, code, build robotics, and are immersed in cutting-edge technology, including education on how to mint and sell NFT’s.  

After minting a total of 10 NFT’s, Annabelle sent them out to her contacts and previous clients with the goal to raise money to donate ballet shoes and art supplies to refugees from Syria through Welcome Home Jersey City.  She priced each at 0.18 Ether ($380) and has already sold 3 for $1,140.

In addition, after learning about carbon emissions used to mint and sell NFTs, Annabelle went on to buy a carbon credit to make sure the transaction of selling 10 NFTs was fully carbon neutral. 

Quote from Annabelle White
“I recently finished reading the book No Ballet Shoes in Syria. It got me thinking about children of families who had to leave their countries and everything behind. Ballet and art makes me so happy. So I got the idea to raise money to help refugee families get settled in their new homes. I want the money to go to buying ballet shoes and art supplies. I recently learned about NFTs in my Rocket Club class and thought it would be so cool to create and sell some for this cause.”

Quote from Alex Hodara, Founder of Rocket Club
“Our members just learned about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs—how these technologies are changing multiple industries, and how they impact the environment. I’m so proud of Annabelle for taking what she learned in class and applying it to her own business. It is inspiring to see her donate all of the proceeds from these NFTs to a cause she truly cares about and has decided to make her NFT series carbon neutral. She is a great example of how the next generation of entrepreneurs are socially responsible and forward thinking.”

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