Crypto Innovators Matthew Roszak and Dr. Daniel Diemers Join The Immerse Network’s Advisory Board

The Immerse Network announced today that industry pioneer and investor Matthew Roszak, Dr. Daniel Diemers and Dr. Patrick Sutter of SNGLR Group, and Richard Rofé of Arcadia Capital will be joining the advisory board of The Immerse Network.

The Immerse Network is a new blockchain-based platform launched by Starport, dedicated to extended reality entertainment and experiences. Starport is a community-driven DeFi launchpad funding real world investments, serving as a bridge between the crypto world and traditional fundraising.  The leading project within Immerse is Kind Heaven. Kind Heaven is truly a movement, a portal to a new world, and will be a completely new way to think about and experience entertainment, music, food, lifestyle, health, spirituality, and much more—all on a new blockchain platform utilizing the Verse network token.

“We are excited to have Messrs. Roszak, Diemers, Sutter and Rofé join The Immerse Network’s Advisory Board,” said Cary Granat, CEO of Immersive Artistry and The Immerse Network. “Their unique perspectives will be critical for our team to have on board at this pivotal moment in connecting entertainment and media companies, producers, creators and others, with the vibrant crypto ecosystem.” 

The Immerse Network Advisors join an active group of investors and board members, within the Immersive ecosystem of companies, including: Mark Bezos, Marin Hartono, Ken Raasch, Yuan Yafei, Jack and Jeff Giaraputo.  

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