Tesla might have diamond hands, but we have Diamond.com

Saw.com, the leading firm in company naming, domain brand protection, and high value IP Asset sales and acquisitions is excited to announce that diamond.com is now available for purchase. Sold exclusively through Saw.com, this one-of-a-kind domain has vast potential across multiple industries due to its broad consumer appeal.

IP assets like this one can propel both digital presence, name recognition, and online identity from your competitors. In today’s digital environment it is crucial for businesses to have a strong image that both represents their brand and allows them to differentiate themselves from their competition. The domain name diamond.com has the potential to achieve this. This is certainly not the first time this premium domain name has been offered. However, it could be the last for a savvy marketer looking for a remarkable domain to build their brand. Back in 2006, diamond.com was bought for $7.5 million. According to DN Journal, this made diamond.com ninth in the top twenty largest domain sales reported.

The word “diamond” is one word, recognizable and memorable for consumers. It is their location to start their search online when looking across various industries.

In addition to being memorable and brandable, this domain name is category defining. With online search globally, it is imperative that the domain name that connects your company to your customers while embodying the product and or service a knowledgeable consumer has come to expect.  This asset is easy to remember for a consumer searching the internet to find your business. Additionally, the one word is easy to spell in a and type in as many consumers do creating an excellent customer experience from the onset.  This domain name truly has the power to propel a business to next level status. 

Today, there is currently a $64 billion diamond jewelry retail market which is currently performing better than the personal luxury market. Despite the slight drop in sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for diamond jewelry returned by the holidays, particularly in the United States and China. Partner in Bain & Company’s Energy and Natural Resources practice, Olya Linde, stated “Our research found that more than 75 percent of consumers intend to spend the same amount or more on diamond jewelry than before the crisis, indicating a strong, ongoing emotional connection with the diamond story.”

When you hear the word “diamond” you might think of the shiny, precious stone. However, there are a multitude of industries where this domain name would create a meaningful brand. The word “diamond” is extremely versatile, compatible with countless businesses. The diamond represents loyalty, accuracy, strength and wealth, all characteristics within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset used as a medium of exchange, and a blockchain provides the validity of each cryptocurrency’s coins with a list of transactions. Additionally, mining in cryptocurrencies refers to the validation of these transactions.

A domain name like diamond.com could be the perfect domain for a financial or luxury focused business to create instant credibility and sustain a resilient brand online.

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