INX Limited Announces Updated Timetable For Token Listing World’s First SEC-Registered Security Token To Be Listed In July

– INX Limited , the owner of blockchain-based platforms for trading digital securities and cryptocurrencies, today announces that its SEC-registered digital security, the INX Token, will be listed in July on the Openfinance Securities ATS, INX’s digital securities trading platform.

Shy Datika, President of INX, commented, “We are excited to list as soon as possible. We have a team diligently working to enhance the technology and onboarding experience to meet strong customer demand. We very much appreciate the community’s enthusiasm and patience.”

“This extended timeframe will additionally allow us to onboard more customers to the platform, which we believe will be a welcome outcome for all users of the platform.”

In anticipation of the listing, whitelisting of additional Ethereum wallets for INX Token holders and the general public is now available on the INX website.

INX recently completedthe first SEC-registered digital security IPO for both retail and institutional investors. The INX digital securities platform will provide innovative trading and capital raising opportunities to enterprises and companies worldwide through its platform. For more information on INX Limited, please visit the website and follow the platform on InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube or LinkedIn.

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