Celsius confirms over 100,000 Bitcoin in community assets

 Celsius, the leading global cryptocurrency yield-earning platform, now holds 107,900 Bitcoin (BTC). This accounts for about  25% of Celsius’ total community assets.

After a volatile month for BTC in May 2021 with price drops of over 30%, Celsius took inventory of BTC activity with its 750,000 Celsius user accounts worldwide. Despite the price fluctuation, Celsius reports that on every single day during the month of May Celsius had at least twice as many users transfer in BTC than transfer out BTC. As a result, Celsius now holds a new company high in BTC assets.

“Particularly volatile crypto market moments are a true temperature check on the viability of a company like Celsius. I am thrilled to see that in one of the most tumultuous months for Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, Celsius users not only continued to HODL & endured the storm but navigated through it to their advantage,” said Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius. “There is still much work to be done to solidify cryptocurrency as the asset class of the future, but Bitcoin has set the stage for success and I’m confident that Celsius is building a lasting institution that will be a catalyst for mass adoption in the new era of decentralized finance.”

Celsius customers can earn weekly compounding yield on BTC at up to 6.2% APY. To date, Celsius has paid out over 2346.24 BTC in crypto rewards to its customers. BTC holders can also use their crypto as collateral to get a loan starting at 1% APR.

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