VeChain, Together With DNV, Enables Renji Hospital To Launch The World’s First Blockchain-based IVF Service App – MyBaby

In partnership with VeChain and DNV, Renji Hospital, a top-ranking hospital in China affiliated with the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine has announced the launch of smart medical care project – MyBaby, the world’s first blockchain-based In-Vitro fertilization (IVF) Service Application.

The MyBaby Launch Ceremony was jointly hosted by the Center for Reproductive Medicine of Renji Hospital and the Shanghai Quality Control Center for Assisted Reproductive Technology. By combining the professional assurance services of DNV with VeChain’s advanced blockchain technology, MyBaby enables the verification of key steps of In-Vitro fertilization (IVF) and provides private, exclusive, end-to-end data access for prospective parents undergoing treatment. By embracing cutting edge technology, Renji Hospital commits itself to further enhancing equity and quality of life for patients.

A New Era in Fertility Treatment

MyBaby is the first service of its kind to combine the merits of third-party assured data verification with the immutability of blockchain technology. All information, imagery and data trails, from imagery produced by medical tools to the delivery of the zygote itself will be securely uploaded on VeChainThor blockchain and only accessible to authorized users of the MyBaby Application.

MyBaby allows users to view and track the extraction, labelling and scoring of fertilized eggs as well as the cultivation and preservation of embryos. The application also solves the traditional problems associated with the privacy of sensitive medical data. The cryptographically secured properties of blockchain technology create a secure and reliable environment and enhance the user experience in a way that is unprecedented in the IVF field.

Renji Hospital and VeChain at the Forefront of Healthcare Innovation

An agreement on further cooperation of the blockchain project was also signed between Renji Hospital and VeChain during the event. According to Sun Yun, Director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine of Renji Hospital, “The combination of assisted reproductive medicine and blockchain technology creates incredible chemistry, making Renji Hospital the first in its line to probe such innovation. We will be offering more trustworthy, private, secured services.”

Not afraid to innovate, the Renji hospital has been at the forefront of progress in the medical-blockchain space. In 2019, Renji Hospital officially announced its joining of the Digital Carbon Ecosystem, initiated by DNV and VeChain. Later, it announced a joint partnership with VeChain and DNV to spearhead the world’s first blockchain-enabled Intelligent Tumor Treatment Center.

Sunny Lu, Co-founder and CEO of VeChain, commented, “We continue to see an increase in opportunities in our partnership with Renji Hospital, thanks to our unique approach of ‘blockchain + data quality assurance’ model alongside key strategic partner DNV. VeChain will continue delivering cost-effective and advanced blockchain technology to the medical world and build a trustless and multi-party digital future.”

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