iFOREX to add non-leveraged tradable assets to their FXnet

 iFOREX – a leading global financial broker – announced the addition of more than 70 new, non-leveraged products added to their proprietary platform, the FXnet.

A spokesperson for Formula Investment House Ltd, operator of the www.iFOREX.com website, said: “These non-leveraged tradable products will allow our traders to diversify their portfolio and balance their market movements, based on their risk appetite. By making more non-leverages assets available, we give modern traders a valid alternative to traditional investment methods, which only allow one type of investment per portfolio”.

So far, the veteran broker offered 22 non-leveraged assets, which will now sum up to 100 instruments with the addition of the new stocks. The platform in total offers over 750 CFD instruments you can trade, including some trending cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and others.

The broker is also planning on adding non-leveraged cryptocurrency trading soon, a source within the company shared. “We’ve discovered that a balanced portfolio requires more than just the traditional assets you find available within generic trading applications and platforms. It is for that reason that our trading platform is developed in-house; it allows us to react to the most recent traders’ needs before anyone else,” an iFOREX official said.

For over 25 years, iFOREX has remained one of the largest and most respected firms in the Fintech industry, emerging early on as an industry leader in technological innovation and with a dedication to trust and excellence.

“By constantly adding new tradable assets, we make sure our traders always have the right amount of investment channels to choose from, and the ability to discover new markets and follow major trends,” said an iFOREX’s spokesperson.

The addition of new, non-leveraged stocks will go live today, May 30th 2021.

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