Coinrise’s Website and Platform Now Available in French

As Canadian authorities continue to show an unprecedented approach toward cryptocurrencies, leading crypto trading brand Coinrise has announced that its website is now available in French as well as English. This measure is part of the company’s strategy of expanding its client base in Canada, as well as in other French speaking regions. According to Coinrise’s spokesperson, Don Lehman, the new French website is on air and open to all users, regardless of their geographic location.

“Making ourselves accessible to our customers as much as possible has always been one of our main goals,” remarked Lehman. “Once we accumulated such a large market in Canada, this move basically became inevitable. This is our service standard, as it has always been and will always remain, and our clients know that. We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our users for choosing to work with us.”

A global mindset for a global trading reality

Cryptocurrency trading in 2021 has become a primary asset source for many traders around the world, mainly due to the disappointing performance of other, more traditional markets. That’s why at this phase it is imperative that as many people across the globe are able to fulfill their potential as a trading venue with maximum simplicity. Coinrise’s team of experts has spent several months on the formation of this new website, so that all of the company’s services can be clearly presented to the hundreds of millions of French speakers worldwide.

“It doesn’t stop here, though,” added Lehman, “since we plan on adding other languages to our catalogue. Wherever on the globe the demand for our services is going to exist, we will be there, and that is a guarantee.”

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