Introducing Moonclave: the Premier Gathering for Digital Assets

 Jonathan Weiner, founder of the preeminent global conferences Money 20/20 (fintech) and HLTH (healthcare), today announced the launch of Moonclave, a first-of-its-kind digital asset gathering. Weiner has partnered with fintech entrepreneur Jake Skinner to bring the most impactful discussions surrounding digital assets to Wynn Las Vegas.

Moonclave’s first annual event – an invite-only summit for crypto industry insiders, financial institutions, high net-worth individual investors and savvy new entrants – will take place from March 28-31, 2022 at Wynn Las Vegas. This moment will be simultaneously exclusive and inclusive. CEOs from leading multinational enterprises will gather their leadership teams to strategize with future partners, current clients, frenemies and investors. Contributors to the event will focus solely on the consequential decisions driving forward the most affecting financial migration in modern history.

“The impact of well-executed in-person events cannot be understated, especially after extended isolation. Crypto adoption has accelerated dramatically over the last 18 months and this dynamic ecosystem needs a new forum. Visionary thinkers need the ability to brainstorm freely with legacy incumbents and exchange ideas that will shape the future of global finance. The stakes are higher than ever and players pouring into this market are demanding knowledge that can only be gleaned from real life interactions,” said Jake Skinner, an early operator in the crypto space who is Moonclave’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Moonclave will create a constructive, engaging environment for digital assets to thrive. We’ll eliminate the noise characteristic of events with tens of thousands of people and elevate the substantive issues that our discerning audience must consider. We strive to maximize value and efficiency for the participants. Everything is curated with the intention of facilitating transactions, partnerships and collaboration that will drive the future of financial markets.”

“Over the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of working with exceptionally talented teams to lead the development of influential events across some of the largest industries,” said co-founder and chairman Jonathan Weiner. “As an early investor, I’ve witnessed firsthand how crypto has evolved from something that was laughed at or discussed in whispers, to something that has become essential to the advancement of financial technology. This ardent community is introducing innovative technology at a pace unmatched in all other industries. Moonclave will bring together the best and brightest in crypto while also drawing in decision makers from companies and organizations that must accept blockchain and decentralization in order to evolve their businesses.”

Invite details, partners, speakers and a detailed agenda will be announced in the coming months. To request an invite, go to

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