NETGEAR Partners With Async Art To Add Dynamic, Programmable NFTs To The Meural Library

Asynchronous Art, Inc. announced that a curated lineup of Async Art NFTs have been added to the extensive art library for NETGEAR’s Meural Smart Canvas platform.

Async Art┬áis the world’s first programmable cryptoart platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. With the recent popularity and booming NFT market, Async takes an unique approach that allows artists to add functionality and programmable features to their NFTs. Instead of a final image, an Async artwork is dynamic and can change according to its owners or public data point.

“From the moment we launched our platform we envisioned having programmable artworks on a beautiful, dedicated digital frame. With Meural’s support, Async Art just took another huge step in bridging the NFT space into the physical world,” said Async Art’s CEO and Founder Conlan Rios. “Our two teams cannot be more excited to launch a dynamic, interactive artwork experience for Meural. This has been one of the best examples of merging cutting-edge technology with an art community to bring a completely new way to experience digital art.”

Since 2018, Meural has been part of the NETGEAR portfolio of Smart Home products to help advance the company’s vision of a fully connected world. The premium smart Canvas has a realistic art viewing experience that can be controlled via gesture, desktop, mobile app, or voice (Amazon Alexa). It empowers users to regularly interact with their art and its library of over 30,000 licensed artworks, which makes it a perfect fit for dynamic NFTs created on Async Art. Digital art that changes depending on time of day, on cryptocurrency prices, and more importantly, when its owners interact with their own artwork are now supported on Meural Canvas to bring an entirely new and immersive experience.

“Meural was built for this moment,” said Poppy Simpson, Senior Manager of Content and Curation at NETGEAR. “From its inception, the Meural platform has been building  solutions for digital art, artists and collectors.  NFTs are the latest innovation in a world where the Meural display and content platform is the undisputed leader, and this exciting partnership with Async is another step towards driving forward a new era of art appreciation.”    

How to Access:

A curated collection of Async artworks is freely available to all Meural Canvas and WiFI Photo Frame owners, and these programmable artworks are dynamic – updating hourly to reflect their evolution over time. The Async channel sits alongside the Meural platform’s extensive art library of over 30,000 pieces, which comes with an annual subscription fee of $69.95.

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