Black Diamond, A Token Designed to Reward Holders While Supporting Homeless Veterans, Announces Listing Today on Following Successful First Week, Including Own Swap at Launch

Black Diamond, the new golden standard designed to foster financial growth through powerful tokenomics, today announced the successful launch of its DIAMOND token on PancakeSwap, and its own DiamondSwap on Saturday, July 10th, reaching a $1 million market cap with four days of launch. Within 7 days of launch the project was added to CoinMarketCap, following being listed on CoinGecko 30 hours of launch, and is slated to go live on the exchange on Monday, July 19, 2020.

The company also announced that Black Diamond is officially partnering with Shield Network & AerDrop to offer new services as they innovate together in the Defi Space. 

Black Diamond was started by a group of friends and crypto investors as an answer to the demand for higher reflections amongst the community. Putting their holders first, the project has been designed with anti-whale functions to ensure stability in a volatile market while offering safety and strong tokenomics. Black Diamond places a 12% tax on every transaction, with 10% going to token holders, proportionate to their holdings, and the remaining 2% allocated to its liquidity pool that’s locked for 79 years, the longest allowed. Full tokenomic details are available in the Black Diamond white paper.

“We’ve witnessed other tokens riddled with significant issues, including whales holding down value, so we committed our resources to developing and launching a stronger product to the market with less manipulation,” said Chris Ruzylo, CEO, Black Diamond. “Our tokenomics will allow for longer holds from whales while preventing the usual ‘pump-and-dump’ schemes, and we’re proud of the reception we have received from the community upon our launch.”

Created by veteran and active duty U.S. Servicemen, Black Diamond will also provide ongoing support to the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans to assist individuals to get off the streets and into housing, while helping them seek stable employment.

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