Rubenstein Public Relations Celebrates New Client Win in Cryptocurrency Industry — Carnomaly

Rubenstein Public Relations today announced Carnomaly as one of the agency’s newest clients. Carnomaly is bringing the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the automotive sector and has retained RPR to help establish the Plano, Texas, company as the leading automotive cryptocurrency and blockchain company. 

Richard Rubenstein, President of Rubenstein Public Relations, says “The limitless potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain is creating opportunities in all sectors. Carnomaly is poised to capitalize on these opportunities in the automotive industry and lead a brand new category.”

As cryptocurrency and blockchain makes its way into more categories, Carnomaly is well-positioned to outpace the competition and lead this new category of opportunity.

Carnomaly grants car buyers and auto dealers the ability to buy, sell, shop, report, and finance new and used vehicles with integrity. It bridges the gap between digital and physical service in the automotive industry, improving how cars are bought, sold and owned. The Carnomaly application will allow consumers to use cryptocurrency to buy a car with Bitcoin, Ethereum and LTC. Carnomaly has already launched a CARR token, an ERC-20 token that is currently available on six exchanges.   

“Rubenstein Public Relations has decades of experience crafting corporate messaging for emerging technologies,” says Scott Heninger, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Carnomaly. “We are pleased to work with Rubenstein Public Relations’ long-standing expertise and network to expand our market share and customer base.”

With its comprehensive portfolio of prominent clients and years of involvement in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors, Rubenstein Public Relations will leverage its industry-leading experience to produce and launch multi-channel media campaigns for Carnomaly, covering company announcements, executive profiles, regulation, investing, online trading and more.

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