LODEpay Announces its Summer Silver Squeeze: The Anti-Inflation Event of the Season

LODEpay is a global blockchain-powered payments platform that restores gold and silver to historic prominence and for a modern digital age. The LODE community is pleased to announce the return of newly acclaimed “silver squeeze campaign”. Kicking off the month-long event on August 1st, 2021, LODEpay will match contributions by buying the equivalent sum of silver purchased during this squeeze. Post-event, the company will post receipts as proof.

The campaign follows LODEpay’s previously successful silver squeeze event in May, where over 3,000 ounces of silver were taken off the street and stacked away into the LODE securely vaulted monetary-mass. Coming hot on the heels of news that the silver-backed AGX Coin is listed on its first major exchange – Hotbit, this event gives retail investors the opportunity to store value in Silver and Gold, combat ever increasing inflation and protect their wealth by targeting the paper silver market shorts.

“Life seems to be going back to normal for many with restrictions lifting and businesses opening up, but the economy is still reeling from the pandemic, reckless printing of limitless fiat currencies is certain to bring significant inflation to every household ,” explained Nicholas Prouten, Chief Operating Officer of LODE Payments International LLC. “Our money is worth less than it was a year ago and one way we can protect our purchasing power is by investing in physical and digital assets backed by stable commodities, such as silver and gold.”

“The Summer Silver Squeeze is an anti-inflation, anti-devaluation event, an opportunity to stick it to Wall Street and counter price manipulations/suppression in the metals market,” added Prouten. “We believe that everyone has the right to protect their own wealth within a monetary system that works for them, and the silver-backed AGX Coin and gold-backed AUX Coin work to restore real value to people’s money.”

Participate in LODEpay’s Summer Silver Squeeze by downloading the LODEpay Wallet on Google Play or the App Store to purchase AGX and AUX Coins. AGX and AUX can also be bought via the Hotbit Exchange.

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