DJ/Producer Sasha To Release First Digital Blockchain Art Collection: LUZoSCURA

SEVEN20: DJ/Producer SASHA will be releasing his first digital blockchain art collection LUZoSCURA on September 9th, 2021 on The LUZoSCURA collection, available only on LGND.Art, is Sasha’s inaugural NFT project. NFT’s trade on the blockchain, ensuring that each of Sasha’s digital art pieces is 100% verifiable as authentic. LGND.Art operates on the WAX blockchain, which uses the Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism, which is 125,000x more energy efficient and uses less than 0.00001% the energy of Proof of Work chains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. As a result, Climate Care awarded WAX with a Carbon Neutral Certification in early 2021.

Sasha is no stranger to experimental technology, especially as it pertains to increased creative freedom and acceleration of connection with his community. It is a natural progression to extend his recently announced new phase into the emerging world of NFTs and blockchain. This eponymous playlist turned compilation has now grown further into an NFT collection; a true journey through the creative awe that SASHA has emulated throughout his career. What was once primarily carried through sound, now comes to life in a visual medium. The collection was created  in collaboration with Drew Geraci, an artisan of imagery specialized in astonishing timelapses.

“HNDI was one of our favourite pieces from the LUZoSCURA sessions last year. We always talked about doing a crazy ambient version due to the parts being so interesting. When the idea of doing an NFT came up, it seemed like the perfect time. We stretched the original track, minus the drums, using Meta Synth. It went from being a 7 minute track to something that lasted over 30 minutes. All the elements took on a very psychedelic feel when stretched. Vocals that lasted merely seconds in the original version, ended up being a couple of minutes long. The fun part was then piecing it back together into something that you could tell was Hndi, but in a completely different context.” – Sasha

Sasha wanted to create a full experience for the fans and collectors, meaning beyond the visual and audio components. There is additional unlockable content that will accompany each piece from the collection. These will include; guestlist to a Sasha show, a virtual meet & greet with Sasha, and a set of four LUZoSCURA digital prints that will be physically signed by Sasha.

“Sasha has been one of the biggest names in electronic music since the inception of the industry. This opportunity to manage his NFTs and enter the next chapter of technology we’re all experiencing together has felt like a natural progression into the future of entertainment. We’re excited to continue contributing to his metaverse journey.”- Dean Wilson CEO of SEVEN20

Fans and collectors alike should know this is only the beginning of Sasha’s story in the NFT space; there are many new ideas on the horizon for his journey through the metaverse.

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