Blockchain Coinvestors Unveils Most Comprehensive List of Global Blockchain Unicorns

  • Blockchain Coinvestors, a leading blockchain venture fund-of-funds and coinvestment program with a combined portfolio of more than 400 blockchain enterprises and crypto projects, including 30+ blockchain unicorns, today announced its year end 2021 list of blockchain unicorns – private blockchain enterprises and crypto projects with valuations exceeding $1 billion.

“The second half of 2021 has seen an immense acceleration of value creation in the blockchain space with a doubling of unicorns from our prior listing. We continue to see a strong pipeline of emerging unicorns coming through and expect 2022 to be even more fruitful for blockchain investors,” said Alison Davis co-founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Coinvestors.

Blockchain Coinvestors uses its proprietary combined portfolio of blockchain companies resulting from its first three blockchain venture funds of funds to track the emerging unicorns of the space. For the crypto project valuations, Blockchain Coinvestors relies upon CoinStats for its data.

“When we began investing in blockchain in 2013, we would not have expected that so many great teams would have done so much to make their projects and enterprises into world leaders,” said Matthew C. Le Merle, co-founder and Managing Partner. “We could not be prouder to be supporters and investors in these teams and communities.”

Blockchain Coinvestors will present the results of its work in upcoming “Meet the Blockchain Unicorns” webinars on Monday December 6th at 7:00am and 12:00pm PST. Register here: December 6th, 7:00am PST or December 6th, 12:00pm PST

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