Cryptocurrency Adoption Use Has Been Rising In Real Estate Transactions Industry

The real estate industry is rapidly changing dramatically as new technologies and services influence the way society completes real estate transactions. One of the emerging technologies of the last decade is cryptocurrency. The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum has enabled some individuals to sell or buy a house with cryptocurrency as the sole medium of exchange.

Buying a home with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is becoming more common. In fact, some believe that cryptocurrency will revolutionalize the future of real estate transactions. 

A recent article from UpNest on real estate discussed this new rise of cryptocurrency into real estate, saying: “Cryptocurrency has been increasingly making its way into real estate transactions in various ways.  One of the most visible ways that bitcoin has been showing up in real estate is through home listings. Several sellers and agents have been using this tactic to create more buzz and attention for their properties. Some sellers have insisted on all bitcoin. Others have asked for payments split between US dollars and bitcoins.

This may work well for high end house listings where the most likely buyers may have and want to use their bitcoins for real estate. This appears to be an increasing trend as many have enjoyed big wins in cryptocurrency and are looking for a way to balance that and preserve their gains by converting them into tangible real estate assets.”

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