Globant & PIXELYNX Announce Partnership to Launch the Leading Music Metaverse Platform

Globant a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, announced today it has established a partnership with PIXELYNX, a leading music metaverse gaming platform driving the transformation of artists and fan connection and engagement. The partnership strategy combines Globant’s expertise in emerging technologies with PIXELYNX’s world-class team of music pioneers and seasoned game developers to advance the evolution of music, NFTs and entertainment in the metaverse.

PIXELYNX was founded by musicians and technologists Joel Zimmerman (aka deadmau5) and Richie Hawtin, along with music and gaming industry veterans Ben Turner (Graphite; IMS: International Music Summit; AFEM: Association for Electronic Music), Dean Wilson (Seven20 Entertainment / mau5trap), and CEO Inder Phull, a prominent entertainment and blockchain industry leader. PIXELYNX is developing a new virtual world ecosystem that will allow artists to launch their own interactive environments and monetize them through NFTs, social music experiences and virtual performances. Their first mobile game is powered by Niantic and their Lightship platform, the widely successful AR technology behind Pokemon Go. Via their upcoming mobile AR game, fans will be able to explore the real world, attending concerts and visiting physical locations to collect NFTs that can be used in-game to unlock rewards and new interactive experiences from leading and emerging talent, according to the company.

“In order to effectively develop and rapidly scale our PIXELYNX platform, we confidently chose Globant to be our development partner to augment the knowledge and resources of our core internal teams,” said Mr. Phull, CEO and Co-founder, PIXELYNX. “Globant provides deep expertise in a variety of the key technologies related to our unique vision for the music metaverse. We have a singular vision to create the leading ecosystem for music, fashion, entertainment and Top Artists. With more than 20,000 employees and a presence in over 18 countries, we are confident Globant will help us rapidly bring our vision to its fullest potential. Globant adds tremendous value to our mission.”

“At Globant, we are passionate about working closely with innovative companies like PIXELYNX to successfully transform their industries using cutting-edge technologies,” said Nicolas Avila, Chief Technology Officer for North America, Globant. “PIXELYNX is at the forefront of some of the most ambitious sectors — from the metaverse to gaming — and we are excited to use our Studios’ technical expertise to help them transform how music, entertainment and fashion are experienced across audiences.”

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