‘Non Fungible Penny’ A New Gold Penny of Henry III*

Metaverse Blockchain Fusion NFT™¬†company, Coinllectibles™, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cosmos Group Holdings, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Spink to offer the¬†First Ever Collectible NFT Coin to be offered by an international auction house. This will also be the first NFT ever issued by Spink, a renowned collectors’ auction house dating back to 1600s.

Like the yellow petals of the broom plant adorning the cap of the Plantagenets, the powerful immutability of this almost pure gold coin has remained untarnished and unexposed for centuries. That was until a chance signal on Sunday 26 September 2021 rediscovered its beauty, a beauty that has caused a viral media sensation across the globe in the days prior to auction at Spink.

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