CoinShopp is making a Revolution in the E-commerce and Tokenization market


CoinShopp, a company that just had the first phase of its project launched on September 7, 2021, has the main objective of simplifying the experience of online shopping, using its own crypto-token, the CSHOP, as payment.

The company is uniting e-commerce with the cryptocurrency market, two sectors that have an excellent projection for the coming years – in the United States alone, the sector moves 4.9 trillion dollars a year. The business innovates by bringing the possibility of buying and selling goods and services, using a single token, which makes it much easier – especially for closing deals abroad.

CoinShopp’s e-commerce platform has been available since December 2021, and you can purchase gift cards with an exclusive discount. Uber, FREE FIRE, Steam, iFood, Spotify, Netflix, among others, all with up to 15% off, buying with CSHOP.

Alex Martins, CEO of CoinShopp, explains that the company wants to integrate technology with e-commerce for faster digital transactions, providing “a simple, easy and fast way to purchase products and make the cryptocurrency market easier”.

The token is listed on Coinpaprika and FTX and, following the developers’ strategy, will be listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko when it reaches 5,000 holders.

Also, if you are a holder of at least 1,000 units of the token, in the same wallet, automatically you’ll receive staking of 1% of the CSHOP used in all transactions – whether buying, selling, or transferring. With that, you’re able to profit in the medium and long term.

For Martins, CoinShopp brought together two digital segments into a single player: the crypto asset market and e-commerce marketplaces: “CoinShopp’s central objective is to bring to the digital market a business option that involves selling digital, physical and services, with payment being made with its crypto token: the CSHOP. We are just getting started, there’s a lot of good things coming for our community”.

The token is available for purchase through the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap, or via  Brazil’s Central Bank’s fast transaction system, Pix. 

Another important strategy was the recent announcement of a new partner, which was a step on its roadmap: the fintech ZCore – the first DeFi credit card company. It is now possible to use the CSHOP token with a credit card, making any purchase with cryptocurrency possible.

As a global platform, any user around the world can make purchases – eliminating fees, bureaucracy, and unlimited transactions. The company has also been running global marketing campaigns to introduce this new trend around the world.

Since the beginning of the project, the developers at CoinShopp is delivering every step of the roadmap, as promised. And there’s much more to come!

CoinShopp is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin, they also have a great community on Telegram where users can follow the project and chat directly with the developers.

Author: Ana Elle

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