US Exchange PayBito Makes Its Presence Felt Across Indian Crypto Markets

paybito crypto exchange in India

US-based digital assets exchange PayBito ventures into the quickly-growing Indian market with a comprehensive list of crypto services and solutions catering to both institutional enterprises and individual investors. The announcement is a reflection of growing international interest in the high-potential Indian crypto market which grew over 641% in the previous year as per Chainalysis, a global crypto analysis firm. 

The Indian Crypto Sector is Booming

An estimated 20 million Indians joined the growing crypto craze in 2021 indicating the robust potential for crypto trading and associated services within the country. The Central government’s recent crypto taxation laws, despite harsh impositions, prove to be a positive turning point for the Indian crypto community. In addition, the launching of Bitcoin and ETH ETF Futures and the proposed implementation of a National Blockchain Framework for expediting digital product and service delivery ensures that the country is taking the right steps to stay at the forefront of the global blockchain and crypto revolution. 

PayBito: A Benchmark in Crypto Trading Security and Performance 

The international cryptocurrency exchange PayBito is led by Raj Chowdhury, an eminent pioneer, and advocate of blockchain integration across multiple industrial sectors. The exchange prioritizes the protection of the investor and client wealth incorporating the latest cybersecurity features for crypto assets including state-of-the-art blockchain infrastructure, SegWit, Firebase, BIP-32, ERC 20 compatibility, and 3 point defense architecture. The exchange has been a frontrunner in integrated Forex-Crypto technology, offering investors a chance to leverage the best opportunities with forex and crypto pairings. 

Unparalleled Experience in Crypto Trading

One of the most popular platforms for buying and selling digital assets, PayBito currently has its sights set on global expansion and is quickly becoming the top US crypto trading platform. The exchange offers an unmatched experience comprising of order book with a high-performance matching engine, and multiple crypto trading options compatible with both newcomers and seasoned investors. Users can choose from multiple trading exchange options such as basic exchange, pro exchange, over-the-counter(OTC) trading, margin, futures, options, and transact with the lowest processing fees. PayBito recently updated its UI/UX platform and has scheduled at least 3 new DeFi product launches through IEO hosting. The exchange also added 23 new coins to its listing culminating in a total of 41 tradeable digital asset options

Additional Innovations through PayBito Crypto Solutions

In addition to global crypto trading, PayBito also offers multiple options for the BFSI sector. The company remains rooted in the ethos of collaboration instead of competition, offering white label architecture of its native crypto exchange technology to enterprises seeking to venture into crypto trading and includes trial options before acquisition. The company also offers white-label payment processing technology, coin-listing, exchange affiliate, portfolio management systems, and franchise programs. The exchange’s crypto custodial services are highly sought by institutional investors. Last but not least, PayBito offers novel crypto banking solutions with features such as crypto collateralized lending, high-yield returns, account keeping, and other DeFi solutions. 

Global Collaborations and Alliances

Over the years, PayBito has maintained consistent strategic alliances and collaborations with the biggest brands and organizations around the world, across multiple sectors. The exchange recently offered its technology to a global banking corporation in the Middle East and a major US gaming exchange venture. The company attributes its success to its team of diligent experts from diverse professional backgrounds and proficiency in banking, security, finance and technology. 


PayBito focusing its resources on India marks a noticeable change in the global perspective of the nation’s burgeoning crypto community. The organization looks forward to making a positive contribution to the nation’s growing crypto landscape staying committed to the principles of trust, transparency, and innovation.

Author: Coleen Facete

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