Globally Acclaimed Blockchain Healthcare Revolution Limoverse Is Launching in India

Awarded as the Best Blockchain Project in Crypto Expo Dubai 2022, Limoverse is a virtual universe where people get empowered to take charge of their own health and well-being which they can share and receive services and rewards for, where behavior changes are forced by connecting health with fun and rewards, and where staying fit and healthy is fun and rewarding through gamification using AR/VR/XR possibilities.

Since 2018, Sajeev Nair, a futurist and metaverse evangelist, has been successfully working on the core of this ecosystem, Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification (EPLIMO) which is a highly comprehensive health data derived from genetic and metabolic analysis stored in highly secure private blocks, thousands of people have been experiencing phenomenal health benefits through this Personalized Health programme. Sajeev Nair said, “Resolving the healthcare issues has always been Limoverse’s mission and I believe that today’s healthcare industry is more than ready for what Limoverse as a Blockchain revolution has to offer.”

Limoverse is poised to lead India into the paradigm shift with Health 5.0 and usher MIoT using analytical tools for wellness and fitness with Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR/XR and Blockchain as the underlying technology.

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