Fortis Digital Launches Crypto Investment Fund with Institutional Infrastructure

Fortis Digital, a blockchain investment fund, today announced its official launch to bridge the gap between TradFi and DeFi, bringing investors closer to Web3 opportunities. The newly founded team is comprised of hedge fund veterans and technology experts, including Mike Boroughs, co-founder of an RIA with $250M in AUM, and Chris Capriccio, former LegalZoom VP of Engineering who created the tech stack which culminated in the company’s 2021 IPO. Additionally, the founders tapped Cameron Sikes, former founder of Deep Ellum Capital, to head up Business Development and Web3 Evangelization.

“While still in its very early innings, we believe the efficiencies and value created through blockchain ecosystems will accelerate global GDP and usher in a new era of disruption and innovation,” said Mike Boroughs, Managing Partner and co-founder of Fortis Digital. “Our goal is to help people get into Web3 and Crypto at the ground floor to participate in the upside of a generational paradigm shift in technology. In an industry known for its volatility, we are one of the few actively managing downside risk, outperforming broader indices during market drawdowns.”

The fund’s mission is to make blockchain investing as seamless as possible using asset allocation, risk management, and position sizing to professionally invest in a new frontier of digital assets. Through extensive due diligence coupled with strong risk management, Fortis Digital invests in innovative, secure, and scalable software projects built by the brightest engineers.

“We believe blockchain technology offers a new way to build enterprises, hire employees and scale a business on limited resources,” said Chris Capriccio, CTO and co-founder of Fortis Digital. “Blockchain represents the next evolution of software systems, drastically altering our current norms of scalability, transparency and governance across financial and non-financial ecosystems alike. We remove the technical barriers to managing a digital asset portfolio and, with our guidance, clients don’t have to worry about understanding the intricacies and security of these blockchain projects.”

In order to help clients avoid major pitfalls and large gaps between market perception and reality, Fortis Digital utilizes a 100-point evaluation due diligence process to conduct fundamental analysis of business structure and leadership, technology, and tokenomics reviews to determine which coins have the most favorable risk-reward profile. An in-depth market analysis is also performed to determine entry and exit points, allowing portfolio exposure to be adjusted as market conditions evolve.

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