MetaSpets will rise to offer players real values

In recent years, the trend of Game-Fi or NFT Game has become one of the world’s popular keywords, especially in Southeast Asian countries. This is considered a money-spinner job and financial stability during the pandemic.

However, currently, the Game-Fi is declining in terms of both communities’ satisfaction levels and trust because of these problems: low game quality, unbalanced in-game economy, and inefficient technology and security.

Mr. Tom Bui, who has a lot of experience in the field of the game industry and joined the NFT game market from the early days, optimistically commented: “This is a golden opportunity to rebuild the communities’ credibility and retain investors”. To do that, MetaSpets team doesn’t make false promises but focuses on building quality gameplay, anti-inflation measures in order to maintain the longevity of the game and ensure the good values for users.

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