NFT Platform MakersPlace Announces Latest Collection of Urs Fischer’s CHAOS Series

MakersPlace, the premier marketplace for rare and authentic digital artworks, announced today that Urs Fischer, a world-renowned visual contemporary artist will be auctioning the next pieces of his iconic CHAOS collection on MakersPlace on May 23. All four pieces are one-of-one and will be open auctions.

One of the pieces, titled “CHAOS #96 JR,” is part of Fischer’s final NFT CHAOS project consisting of 1,000 everyday objects, paired together to form 500 unique creations. In his iconic CHAOS series, Fischer pairs seemingly unrelated objects and renders them into 3D motion digital sculptures. The two converging objects of sunglasses and a black hat in CHAOS #96 JR represent the signature look of a world-famous artist, JR. His work blends art and act, depicting freedom and identity, capturing people all over the world.

JR is partnering with Fischer to raise money for his charity, Can Art Change the World?. By donating their proceeds from CHAOS #96 JR, MakersPlace, and Fischer are helping bring social awareness and social change to help enhance communities through the power of art.

 Fischer is releasing five new art pieces in total. The auction group includes:

  • CHAOS #168 Makeup
  • CHAOS #181 State
  • CHAOS #182 Amygdala
  • CHAOS #183 Mimes
  • CHAOS #170 Oracle
  • CHAOS #96 JR

“MakersPlace is proud to continue to host Urs Fischer’s drops. His latest creation, CHAOS #96 JR will help fund JR’s charity, with all proceeds donated to Can Art Change the World?, said Craig Palmer, CEO of MakersPlace. “It’s an honor to work with such a talented visionary like Urs who can help people by telling a story through a beautiful piece of art. We’re looking forward to seeing him continue to revolutionize the world of NFTs.”

Urs Fischer will authorize each digital creation in the CHAOS series and verify them himself through the blockchain. MakersPlace ensures scarcity and uniqueness that only a limited number of authentic digital art editions can ever be owned. Buyers are given full ownership over the creation, which is transferred and stored in the buyer’s digital wallet for safe-keeping or future reselling. MakersPlace enables digital art buyers to collect unique works from art and culture pioneers while supporting investment in the digital creator community.

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