PIXELYNX Invests In and Partners With New Cloud-based Interactive Platform Oorbit

PIXELYNX and Oorbit announced today a long-term partnership to launch browser-based music and entertainment experiences through the Oorbit platform, which empowers players to experience high-quality games, events, interactive media, marketplaces, and more from best-in-class content partners. The partnership will aim to create new interactive experiences that can be accessed across connected devices.

Oorbit is a new type of cloud-based interactive platform with interoperable AAA-quality games and virtual worlds. Fans will be able to engage with interactive music experiences from leading artists that have been created on the PIXELYNX platform. PIXELYNX has secured partnerships with a global network of artists, labels, IP holders and brands. The company was founded by iconic music visionaries and technologists Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin along with a number of music and gaming veterans from Activision, EA Sports and Microsoft.

PIXELYNX also invested in the latest fundraising round from Oorbit which features other prominent backers including Mark Cuban, HOF capital, Shima Capital, LD Capital, Visary Capital, Betaworks Ventures, Giphy’s Alex Chung and former Square Enix CEO Mike Fischer among others.

“In testing the Oorbit platform we were instantly impressed with their approach to cloud gaming. The Oorbit team shares our vision of launching new formats that fans can access anywhere without the need for high-end devices. This partnership will help give artists a new canvas where they can design AAA-quality experiences using the PIXELYNX platform and distribute them on the web using Oorbit cloud streaming technology,” said Inder Phull, CEO & Co-Founder of PIXELYNX.

“At Oorbit we strive to identify the best companies with top building skills and communities to pair with our platform,” said Ash Koosha, CEO and Oorbit cofounder. “We are very particular about who we work with and PIXELYNX is working on some of the most exciting and groundbreaking sets of experiences for both musicians and consumers. We’re excited to see what they do next on Oorbit.”

“Through PIXELYNX’s experience in developing worlds and our partnership, we will be testing new content formats, delivery and scaling while keeping the user experience at the core of our focus,” said Pooya Koosha, CTO and Oorbit cofounder. “Our goal is to achieve a cloud native experience format that can cater to all new digital creators and communities of all sizes.”

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