Decentralized Identity – For Public Sector

Date: November 5, 2020

Time: 19:30 – 21:00 IST

Location: Online


About this Event

We all know that a digital identity is crucial for driving social and financial inclusion. However, we also know that being digital comes at its own cost of identity thefts and frauds. The businesses suffer from onboarding friction, costly and complicated KYC processes, and regulatory compliance, such as GDPR. On the other hand, the citizens suffer from multiple fragmented identities and mishandling of identity information.

This conclave will bring together industry leaders to discuss how the emerging technologies, like distributed ledgers (blockchain), can be leveraged to solve the problems mentioned above.

Discover the power of Decentralized Identity in our Global Blockchain Conclave focussed on decentralized identity for public sector.

Event Details:


David Shrier: Oxford & MIT futurist, author, Esme Learning Cofounder

Presentation on DID:

Debajani Mohanty: International Bestselling Blockchain Author, SSI Expert, EarthId

DID for Public Sector Panel Discussion :

  • Ksenija Cipek, Dame of Honour: International Tax Expert, Lawmaker, Project Leader at Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia
  • Shiv Aggarwal, CEO EarthId, GBA Europe Lead & UK President
  • Dr. Alex Cahana, BTBlock Health Group, UN/CEFACT Blockchain and Healthcare Expert, AdaLabs Africa
  • Rama Devi Lanka, Director-Emerging Technologies | Officer on Special Duty (OSD), Govt of Telangana, India

Moderated by Helen Disney: Founder Unblocked, Co-founder GovChain Research

Closing Remarks

Shiv Aggarwal, CEO EarthId, GBA Europe Lead & UK President

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